Friday, 23 October 2015


Whenever I go home Mum and I always like to spend some girly time together. We usually head further out into the countryside or take a shopping trip to Cheltenham. However this time, we made the short journey to Broadway, my very favourite town in the Cotswolds. 

After stopping off to see the hounds, mum told me there was a shop I would simply love. We ambled up the golden high street and stepped inside a renovated Georgian house at the end of the road. This was OKA; an interior design showroom of the most delicious proportions. I was literally in heaven. 

OKA is the brainchild of Annabel Astor (Sam Cam's mummy), selling everything you need for the home, from faux florals and hand-stitched napkins to carved furniture and woollen blankets. The flagship store is in Broadway and is one of a handful of showrooms spread across the south of the country (Yorkshire is lucky though and has one in Harrogate). 

It's like walking through your dream home, laded with beautiful furnishings in rich colours and highlighted with object d'art and curiosities.

Don't you just want to come home to this?! If I had all the money in the world, I'd straight up buy this showroom. The house itself is beautiful and it's scented throughout with the most heady of aromas. Seeing as The American and I are furnishing our home right now, I went a little snap-happy. Though really, I should drag him away from the big smoke for a weekend and let him see it in person. He's already eyeing up one of the rugs...

I fancy having a dinner party around this stonking great table, you're all invited:

We wandered up the old wooden stairs and peeped into the bedrooms and looked down on the drawing room.

Mum spotted some blown-glass tumblers so we spent the next 20 minutes deciding which patterns we liked best and went with a quirky array in raspberry pink in the end. 

I think it's safe to say mum knows me well (it's her birthday today! Happy birthday Mrs. B!). I adored coming to visit OKA in Broadway and will be back before Christmas.

If you're in London there are showrooms in Chelsea, Notting Hill and Parsons Green. If you live further afield, take a look on their website for more locations. 

Apologies for a rather interior-focused post but I just had to share it with you!

I have a recipe for sloe gin for you this weekend - keep your eyes peeled for the perfect winter warmer.

Happy Friday!


Monday, 12 October 2015

usa 1.2

We waved goodbye to Rochester and headed down to Maryland to visit The American's home and his family. I am still totally in awe that we travelled 400 miles in 6 hours and the landscape barely changed. I couldn't help but take snaps along the way. Here are just a few: 



We spent a blissful week travelling around Maryland, visiting the beach (we both got the worst sunburn ever - it really was awful), D.C and the local Fall Fest. However, my most favourite place was a simple little fruit farm in Westminster called Baugher's. 

We first sampled Baugher's one evening when we went for pie and ice-cream after dinner. We sat at a little booth and slurped on drinks - I felt like I was on a date with a high school sweetheart - it was perfect. From then on I was adamant we'd go back and experience the rest of Baugher's. 

Having visited D.C the day before we spent a relaxing Thursday in and around Westminster; it was the perfect opportunity to visit the orchard and farm shop and make the most of my newly purchased dungarees. First stop was to pick up a pie and apple cider for The American's family. We stuck with what we knew best and picked up a blackberry pie, oozing over with sweet juice encased in a crusty outer. 

Having satisfied our sweet teeth we checked out the pumpkin stock. I have never seen so many varieties! From grey and smooth to green and knobbly, the range of pumpkin was vast. Here are a few of my favourites: 

^^ I loved the little munchkin pumpkins, they are so cute and perfect for lining up on your window ledge for a little bit of autumnal styling. 

The pumpkins ready for Halloween were HUGE! 

I've been searching for the perfect dungaree for months now and thought America would be the best place to get denim. I can now be found sporting these most weekends; I feel like a 90s teenager and I love it. 

To round off our time in Westminster we headed out to Westminster's Fall Fest. Westminster is a sweet little town with an old high street and real family-orientated feel. Fall Fest was a stomping ground for dating teenagers, kids enjoying the rides and moms chasing around after their offspring. 

And him scoffing a plate of doughnutty goodness ^^

Until next time, Westminster!


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

usa 1.1

Firstly, an apology. It seems like forever since my last post (it really has been forever) and I had every intention of writing one as soon as I got back from America but with the combination of jet-lag, new job and a lack of internet in the flat still, this proved difficult. But here we are! And I'm back with plenty of pictures and stories to share.  

I could tell you all about my trip State side but I'm sure it won't be of huge interest to you so I have chosen a few places that I want to share. The first is Fairport in Rochester, NY. This was my home for 4 days when I first arrived. Though essentially a boys hangout (I was the only girl amongst what felt like a whole rowing squad of men), I had the best time. The weather was blazing and we spent most of our time exploring the canal, drinking beer and enjoying cook-outs (a BBQ to you and me). 

Here are a few snaps of this picture-perfect town:

Now, there was one very main reason why The American and I hopped over to Rochester and that was the wedding. It.was.beautiful. With the heat cooling off and my man armed with his words for the ceremony, the wedding went without a glitch. It was very American and I loved every minute of it. 

Finally, whilst in Rochester I was given a whistle-stop tour of where the boyf studied his undergraduate degree. UoR is like every university I have seen on American films. It had a quad with beautiful scenery, redbrick buildings and even a road called Fraternity Road. Yes. That's really a thing. 

Upstate New York was the best introduction to America; it's vast and beautiful and full of food. I can't wait to go back again. 

I promise to be more regular with posts from now on - the last month or so has been manic to say the least.