Monday, 12 October 2015

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We waved goodbye to Rochester and headed down to Maryland to visit The American's home and his family. I am still totally in awe that we travelled 400 miles in 6 hours and the landscape barely changed. I couldn't help but take snaps along the way. Here are just a few: 



We spent a blissful week travelling around Maryland, visiting the beach (we both got the worst sunburn ever - it really was awful), D.C and the local Fall Fest. However, my most favourite place was a simple little fruit farm in Westminster called Baugher's. 

We first sampled Baugher's one evening when we went for pie and ice-cream after dinner. We sat at a little booth and slurped on drinks - I felt like I was on a date with a high school sweetheart - it was perfect. From then on I was adamant we'd go back and experience the rest of Baugher's. 

Having visited D.C the day before we spent a relaxing Thursday in and around Westminster; it was the perfect opportunity to visit the orchard and farm shop and make the most of my newly purchased dungarees. First stop was to pick up a pie and apple cider for The American's family. We stuck with what we knew best and picked up a blackberry pie, oozing over with sweet juice encased in a crusty outer. 

Having satisfied our sweet teeth we checked out the pumpkin stock. I have never seen so many varieties! From grey and smooth to green and knobbly, the range of pumpkin was vast. Here are a few of my favourites: 

^^ I loved the little munchkin pumpkins, they are so cute and perfect for lining up on your window ledge for a little bit of autumnal styling. 

The pumpkins ready for Halloween were HUGE! 

I've been searching for the perfect dungaree for months now and thought America would be the best place to get denim. I can now be found sporting these most weekends; I feel like a 90s teenager and I love it. 

To round off our time in Westminster we headed out to Westminster's Fall Fest. Westminster is a sweet little town with an old high street and real family-orientated feel. Fall Fest was a stomping ground for dating teenagers, kids enjoying the rides and moms chasing around after their offspring. 

And him scoffing a plate of doughnutty goodness ^^

Until next time, Westminster!


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