Wednesday, 2 December 2015

a merry little home

This year has crept up on us and alarmingly it's already December, how that has happened I do not know, but one thing is for sure, it's Christmas! This weekend The American and I went on a hunt for our Christmas tree. It's our first Christmas in the new house together, and though we won't actually be there (or together) for the 25th, we thought we'd make the most of it and get our tree nice and early. 

Neither of us have a car in London as it seems totally pointless when all we do is work during the week and stay in and around SW18 at the weekends, so we needed our tree to be nice and near as carrying would be the only way to get it home! Having tracked one down  we tried to get it home in one piece, and with us still being together by the end of it... I got arm-ache, he got a bit flustered so it ended up him marching on ahead with a seven foot tree on his shoulders and me trailing behind carrying the wreath. Ooops. 

We were very lucky to have been given a stack of decks for the tree the previous weekend on our trip home (thanks D&D!) so we were well supplied for an evening of decorating. The tree went up remarkably quickly and I was left in charge of dressing the tree.

We played Christmas songs and lit candles, all whilst cooking a belated Thanksgiving dinner - a multitasking power duo! It was a busy Saturday indeed. But look! Our tree is glowing and we are totally in love with it. 

I love real trees and can't imagine having any other kind. Just make sure you top it up with water so it doesn't drop needles within a few days. This one is a non-drop variety and, though we know it's very early for a tree, we are going to take very good care of it so it can see us through until the new year when we will be reunited after time away with our families.

I'm totally smitten with our little home, the sofa and armchair are the most beautiful things ever, I literally can't get enough of them and we're slowly getting there with all our pictures and soft furnishings. 

I hope you're enjoying the festive season, work parties and all! Keep your eyes peeled for a recipe post up soon!


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