Sunday, 31 January 2016

northend road market

In between the gusts of wind and misty showers, we managed to head out to our favourite London market. It's not much of a looker but my goodness is it good. Located on the Northend Road in Fulham is a proper Landaan market, with barrow boys hollering out to punters and old carts parked up on the side roads. Having lived just a stones throw away from here last year, I learnt the best places to visit, so even now when we live south of the river, we know where to get the freshest of produce. 

Our main reason to skip over to SW6 was to stock up on fish. One of my best discoveries since moving to London was a fish shop on the Northend Road. Depending on month and what's in season, you can get some fantastic bargains. Just before Christmas I bought a whole salmon, filleted in front of me, for £10 - a supermarket will never do such a great deal. This time I wanted sea bass and luckily for me the deal was five for £11. Again, I got them filleted and have since frozen them in perfect portion sizes; we will happily eat delicious fish for the next month or so. I find sea bass is best when simply done; seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon, pan fried and served with new potatoes and steamed asparagus. 

We also picked up some delicious vine tomatoes, sweet plums, ginormous avocados (three for a pound) and courgettes. I resisted buying fresh herbs and clementines but next time I'll certainly get some. I'll also keep an eye out for forced rhubarb as that's just come into season. The market runs from Monday - Saturday. Either get there early for the freshest produce or later for some real bargains, and preferably in the sun as there is nothing worse than queueing for your vegetables in the rain.

This week I'm looking to cook my easy Mediterranean Chicken with the vine tomatoes, pan fried sea bass and a courgetti dish (The American bought me a spiraliser for Christmas so I'm experimenting with different recipes and vegetables).

I can't believe it's February on Monday, time is flying by! Spring is on the horizon, hurrah! 

^^ these are the narcissi I bought earlier in the month! They are bring me so much joy! 


P.S. I went to Sexy Fish this week and it really is as good as the hype (I'm definitely very biased about it as I work for the interior designer but, MY GOD). I couldn't recommend a better place for a birthday night or fancy date so go, go, go! I also went to an incredible Moroccan restaurant in Wandsworth Town on Wednesday called Doukan. It's the perfect place to go with girlfriends or a hungry boy who loves lots of different plates of food - I really can't stop talking about it!   

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