Sunday, 13 March 2016

the affordable art fair - battersea

The sun is out and spring has arrived so this means I'm back on the blogging front! Winter is turning into spring and London is full of exciting things to eat, drink and discover. This weekend Josie and I headed the short distance to Battersea to visit The Affordable Art Fair.

I've never been before but have always fancied it and it certainly did not disappoint. The American and I are constantly looking out for final pieces for our home so I thought perhaps this would be a great opportunity to get a painting for the blank wall in our sitting room. 

The marquee in the heart of Battersea Park was bursting with amazing original artwork, witty prints and some slightly surreal installations and sculptures. Josie and I wandered up and down the aisles, flicking through prints, discovering new artists we're now keen to pursue and even bumped in Hugh Dennis (this actually happened and it was so great). 

The art fair is sponsored by the delectable Sip Smith gin so we stopped for a half time refresher on the upper deck. This is the best place to get a photo opportunity as photography isn't allowed on the ground (such a shame as there were so many pieces I wanted to share with you/remember for myself). 

Prices start from £100 and though this is affordable all the art I liked was around the £1500 mark. Not so affordable, just yet. Still, Jo and I took details of artists and will aspire to buy some original artwork soon. The AAF is still open today so if you're at a lose end, head south west and see what takes your fancy. 

The fair also gave me the itchy feeling for taking up painting again. I've been playing around with water colours over the last few months but I'm thinking about moving over to acrylic or oil again. I'll keep you posted with my efforts! 

The weather looks to be fine this week so I'll will be making the most of it! The American and I are going to sort out our terrace next weekend so look out for snaps of happy flowers over on my Instagram. 

Happy Sunday! 


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