Saturday, 16 April 2016

british library

It's a funny thing how you take for granted all the amazing things surrounding you when you live in a place like London. There is still a very long list of places I need to visit and, rather secretively, I hope it never runs out. One such place is Camden. Living south west has rather meant I never venture to the north of the city but today we decided to make the slightly longer journey and take a trip to The British Library. 

I don't think I've stepped foot in a proper library since finishing my degree. It's funny how walking into a place that lives and breathes academia really makes you think wistfully about the past. The little rows of tables, directions to different subject sections and even the signs for the printer had me thinking sweetly about my days spent at York.

(The gang, not in the library) 

But The British Library is really something else - The King's Library acts as a central column to the building, with its beautifully bound tomes set safely behind glass. The atrium casts a wonderful light across the building and even on a wet day like today it felt inspiring. 

Originally our plan was to visit the Alice exhibition before it finishes tomorrow but rather unfortunately it was so crowded and small we decided otherwise. Instead we took the opportunity to see the Treasures of the British Library, a haven of historical documents, including original musical scores, letters from Churchill and a little thing called the Magna Carta. We spent a happy hour reading and looking at beautiful illuminated manuscripts - just what was needed after a tiring week and a wet Saturday morning. Sorry for the lack of snaps, cameras are banned here due to the need for sensitive lighting. 

I actually can't recommend a better way to spend a quiet weekend, perhaps swap your brunch of over-rated avocado toast for a morning of culture? Next up on my list of London discoveries is Billingsgate Market, as recommended by Sarah, though that might wait for a brighter morning as it's a very early start! 

Tomorrow I'm off to the Putney Art and Antiques Market and then I'll be in St. Albans from Thursday so fingers crossed for some more posts! 

Happy Sunday!