Wednesday, 11 May 2016

may moments

On Friday night The American and I headed west for a weekend at home. The sun was still blazing allowing us to look out onto the Cotswolds before the sun dipped behind their hills. We arrived to cups of tea in the kitchen and excited conversations with my Mum and Dad before Mum decided she’d had a long enough day already. Quite frankly I had too having been up at the crack of dawn for a photoshoot here so headed to bed ready to start the weekend with a fresh face.

May is my favourite month for a number of reasons; the country side is that wonderful fresh, citrus green colour, the air is warm with a delightful cool breeze and it’s my birthday. Our weekend was spent walking the dogs, exploring the beautiful bluebell wood and enjoying early birthday celebrations. We also hopped over to Herefordshire and ate at the gloriously named The Bunch of Carrots; a charming country pub set in the rolling hills.

I realise I’ve written about the bluebells before but I just can’t get over how beautiful they are, it stuns me every time. So here are some more snaps; a little taster of our quiet weekend in the gloriously sunny Worcestershire countryside.

Tomorrow I turn 24 (a mad thought, even more terrifying to my parents) and will be celebrating with some friends at Three Six Six on St. John’s Hill. I’ve never been before but have high hopes for its cocktail list. The American and I are off to Rhodes at the beginning of June and can’t wait.

Must hit the gym. 


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