Saturday, 25 June 2016


Lindos is a small village on the southern coast of Rhodes. Dotted with white-washed houses and winding cobbled alleyways it’s quite the picture perfect sight. We decided to visit on the Monday and arrived to searing heat and a view that was everything and more than what we expected. We got there early to avoid the mass of tourists, though still found it quite busy, and set about exploring the fort and acropolis that sits on the top of the hill, overlooking the bluest sea imaginable.

Dodging donkeys and deciding to trust out feet and legs we made our way up the steep hillside. The view from the top is quite something, with an unbroken view of the Mediterranean sea before us and the arid land beneath our feet. We didn’t pay the additional 12 euros each to explore the acropolis, instead took the decision to walk the cliff tops for as far as possible. We made our way along alleyways, under billowing clouds of fuchsia bougainvillea, stopping occasionally to pat the donkeys before pulling up camp at a little tavern with views out across the bay.

I really made the most of looking like an American tourist with my baseball cap ^^

The following hours were spent hunting for Evil Eyes to decorate our homes, walking along the beach front and hiding from the heat under an olive tree. We both loved Lindos and agreed it would make a beautiful holiday destination, other than the difficulty of getting a suitcase along the narrow lanes!

Our final few days were spent in much the same way, jumping waves in the sea, reading books and soaking up the sun. Our holiday was everything we asked for and more and has given us a serious holiday bug… next up is a road trip through Tuscany!

Fingers crossed for a sunny summer back here in the UK. We’re certainly in for an interesting one…


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