Tuesday, 14 June 2016

wedding belles

Jen and I would spend summers together on each other’s family farms, eating cherries, making camp fires and playing with Snickers, the pony. When not playing together or attending BBQs with our families we wrote letters to one another or came up with ingenious ways of communicating via walkie talkies; it was a wonderful childhood. We then grew up and went to separate schools but always came together over kitchen suppers, Christmas and New Year parties, sharing gossip about boys we liked and girls we were less fond of as well as our mutual love for music.

This weekend The American and I had the pleasure of heading back to the Worcestershire countryside to witness one of my oldest friends marrying the man of her dreams, and boy was it a wedding. I always knew it would be quite the event having seen Jen’s wedding planner at the early age of 12; she was never going to do things by halves!

Miraculously the wet weather held off for the majority of the day, starting with the most beautiful, love filled service in the chapel at Malvern College, ringing out with music of spine-tingling intensity. The bride was a vision, gliding up the aisle to Parry’s “I Was Glad”, James looking on with intense pride and love. They really are a wonderful couple.

The rest of the day went on in a haze of vintage cars, delicious food, excellent speeches and some brilliant dancing. Before I start to ramble on forever, I’ll simply allow the following photographs to do the talking.

Many, many congratulations Jennifer and James, may your years be filled with love, happiness and joy.


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