Wednesday, 5 October 2016

makers house

During London Fashion Week Burberry took over a disused warehouse on Mannette Street in the heart of Soho. Makers House is the result; a cavernous platform in which the latest collection was shown, alongside the talented craftsmen involved in the process, as well as other heritage crafters. We popped along on the last evening to soak up everything Burberry had to offer and we weren’t disappointed.  

Inspired by the great interior designer Nancy Lancaster the interior acted as a stage for various craftsmen and women. We patiently queued up to catch a glimpse at women manipulating leather for beautiful embossed saddles as well as a sculptor working on a clay maquette, an artist painstakingly completing an intricate lacquered tile and portrait painter Holly Frean doing individual commissions of visitors. All whilst this was happening poetry was being recited over a sound system but I can’t say we took much notice of this as we were taken by everything else. We both enjoyed the crafts on display but The American thought the poetry was all “a bit wanky”... Moving on!

Regardless, it provided a fantastic opportunity to see hugely talented artists and makers at work. I was particularly taken by the silk screen printed swatches which hung on the walls forming a sort of pin board of ideas. It was a shame we missed the screen printing display the day before but never mind, it has inspired me to pick up my paint brushes again and find my creative groove once more (I used to do a lot of silk screen printing at school).

I hope London hosts more events like this in the near future, I could have spent much longer there but I could sense The American was hankering after a pint… he had just spent the morning in a financial exam after all.  We topped the evening off with dinner and drinks at our local and collapsed into bed by 10. How’s that for the perfect school night activity?!


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