Thursday, 22 December 2016

frosty mornings

A few weeks ago we headed home to celebrate my Dad’s rather significant birthday. Mum had organised a drinks party and left us in charge of sourcing the present; a record player. Having scoured what seems like the entire country, we arrived on the Friday night laden with gifts ready to celebrate the next day.

The weather all weekend was perfect, crisp and cold and although the house was not ‘christmassy’ at the time, it certainly felt it outside. After all the celebrations, which carried on late into the night, a bracing walk the next day was much appreciated. We popped out into the middle of the farm with the dogs for an explore. The fields were hard with frost and every branch looked to be dripping in diamonds. Wrapped up warm we trudged through the brambles and breathed in the cool air.


Even Callie braved the cold after being poorly! 

We are returning home early on Christmas Eve morning and shall once again be laden with gifts. The weather isn’t looking as seasonal but at least this time the house will be festive! I predict many more bracing walks to blow out the cobwebs, cuddles with the dogs and a record of two spinning in the background.

Merry Christmas! Keep your eyes peeled for a festive post later in the week.