Tuesday, 18 July 2017


On one of the mildly cooler days we headed further along the coast to a pretty little harbor town called Collioure. About 10 miles from the Spanish border it has a real Spanish vibe with lots of tapas restaurants and stalls selling freshly caught and preserved anchovies. It's also a town known for its artistic links, with many of the Impressionists visiting during the summer months to capture the crystal clear light and views out to the Med. 

Behind the town are the Pyrenees, looming down and looking particularly impressive in the morning clouds. 

We arrived at lunchtime and made the mistake of not going for lunch straight away. I had forgotten the French tend to close shop after 2pm and so by the time we were hungry for fish nowhere was open so a spontaneous picnic of bread, meat and peaches on the shore was done. Still delicious and at least the little tavern was open for a post-picnic drink. 

After exploring the coast line and paddling our feet into the cool sea we decided to explore the back streets where artists stayed during their painting trips. The town still holds onto these artistic ties and many studios can still be stumbled upon. I loved the brightly coloured houses and cobbled streets, not to mention the bubbling bougainvillea spilling down onto the paths. It would have been rude not to take advantage of the setting!

Again, this area is relatively un-touristy which is an absolute treat nowadays so we relished in the peaceful atmosphere, all except for the school art trip with a gaggle of excitable children! We noticed there is a coastal train route which goes from Lyon all the way down to Barcelona which we thought would be a wonderful adventure to try one day. The landscape changes from lush green hills to dusty mountains within miles and of course the azure blue sea will dazzle you the whole way.

Just one more adventure to share with you!


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