Friday, 11 August 2017

cafe tamra

Sundays are made for brunch with girlfriends. Whether it's a homemade brunch or taste testing the latest Instagram-friendly location, brunch is the perfect excuse to catch up over delicious food and great coffee. I took Sophie to a new spot on the Northcote Road this week which I was really excited about having visited a few weeks earlier. 

Café Tamra is a newbie to SW’s Toast Rack and although the branding is very misjudged (a Chihuahua adorns the sign and inside there are more paintings of the mut), the food is excellent. The menu has flairs of Lebanese food and hints of Mexican; Sophie ordered the avocado, chorizo and fried egg on sourdough whilst I went for the special of cinnamon and orange French toast with banana, maple syrup and a good dollop of mascarpone. Sophie’s eggs ran beautifully and my French toast was a real treat, not too sweet or soggy.

We gossiped on with our coffees before leaving the café in peace and heading on for a little interiors shopping (Sophie is redoing a large part of her boyfriend’s flat and I am only too happy to help!). A perfect start to a sunny Sunday.