Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I've been planning on writing this post for a while now, and seeing as I have ample amounts of time on my hands this week (it's half term) I thought I should better get on with it. 

In my strange little mind I have come to the decision that certain items make you a grown up. Yep, that's right, I'm defining myself by the objects that surround me (or rather, will surround me when I am indeed, a grown up). And, I would like to add, if I see people with these items I get super jealous/I'm super impressed by them. Race me to the finishing line in becoming an adult! 

#1 The Candle.

Specifically, one in a glass jar. More specifically, a Diptyque candle.

I bought my first Diptyque candle the other week. It was something I was unbelievably excited to do. And when I finally plucked up the courage to spend a silly amount of money on essentially a block of wax with a wick, I can safely say I never felt more grown up and sophisticated. Ever. It's taken me two more weeks to light it. And that was a great moment. 

I got the mimosa scented one. It's delicious and fresh and zesty. I'm quite a fussy person when it comes to candles and smells (if you want to buy perfume for me, ask what I like, or good luck choosing the right scent. Seriously) and this little candle is perfect for me. They aren't over powering and I love the simplicity of the packaging and jar and everything. 


Can you tell I'm excited?! Get one. It will be the best decision you make. And they're not just for women, my friend enjoys a bath with his candle flickering away on a regular basis. And he's definitely a man. 

#2 The Bialetti Espresso Maker

Mel told me I was a food snob the other day and whilst I wholeheartedly disagree with this (I simply like good food, from a good proper farm) I will be the first to admit I'm a bit of a coffee snob. Not a fan of the instant stuff. I'll drink it at silly o'clock in the morning before waking the girls up but if I can avoid it, I will. 


Anyway I've decided I need to invest in one of these babies. A few of my friends have them and they really do make the most delicious coffee. Super fresh and not at all bitter (I hate bitter coffee- why should you need to add sugar?). Now, the actual process of making coffee in these things still baffle me, but I think if I want good coffee I'm going to have to learn how to use one. I'm fairly certain it'll be worth it. 

#3 Art Work

I'm not referring to a generic Jack Vettriano print of the dancing couple, no, I'm talking about a real piece of art. Not necessarily by a famous artist (I definitely will never have enough money to invest in something like that- though, if you're looking to invest in something and you have a great budget, then art is your answer) I'm more thinking a good local artist who potentially has promise. I have loved Sarah Britnell for many years now. It's probably not for everyone and it's quite commercial (I do love a good piece of concept art too) but I think if you have the right surroundings, this artwork will look great in a kitchen, utility room, boot room, whatever. 


This is pretty great too- unknown artist however. Shame. 


I think I'm going to start with this print first though. I'll give the real art a few more years, and a few more pennies.


#4 The Organiser

Leather bound, smelling of importance, with my initials engraved on it. I want it. 


This little (it's actually quite large) number by Smythson has caught my eye. I think it would look perfect in my handbag, or clutched in my arms, en route to my very important meetings. My friends bought me a beautiful fountain pen with my initials inscribed on the lid for my 21st and I feel it needs an equally beautiful pal to keep it company. And I think this would be just the ticket. 


Just look at its splendor! Even the pages are glimmering in a coating of gold... Oooo aaahh! 

#5 The Coffee Table Book(s)

I love these. And seeing them in other people's homes makes me so excited. I recently bought The New York Times' '36 hours in Europe'. It's a great (big) book documenting how to spend a long weekend in your favourite European city, doing things that aren't the cliche. I hate cliched tourism. Urgh. I also bought this super beautiful guidebook of Marrakech- I keep waving it under Mel and Sarah's noses to remind them to book flights/a hotel. It'll work eventually. 



I really fancy this book on Scandinavian interior design too. 



So there you have it. If you've got some of these items and you invite me round to your house, then I'm going to be a very happy, and impressed, bunny. I have a selection of these things, and I shall endeveaour to collect them all. It might take me a few years though. 

We can all attempt to be adults but sometimes that isn't fun. As my friend just told me, he can be an adult or just hide, maybe I can do that for a bit too? Either way, I'm still going to get these things. Then at least I can pretend to be an adult, and that's almost it. 


Friday, 14 February 2014

walking with dinosaurs

Waking up to surprisingly good weather, Mel and I decided to do something a little more interesting than just shopping with our day off. We decided to relive a little bit of our childhood and visit The Natural History Museum and chill out with the dinosaurs for a while. And oh my god did I have fun! 

Firstly though, we needed coffee and food. We hit the King's Road and headed to The Blue Bird Cafe. Feeling like a member of MiC (in actual fact we were followed by Ollie, yes he followed us) we slunk on down and grabbed a seat in the window, perfect for a spot of people and car watching. I liked this place, it was pretty quiet when we went got three but I liked this, it was chilled and relaxed. Just what we wanted for a lazy lunch. I had the posh fish finger sandwich and an injection of caffeine, Mel had the burger, which looked ridiculously good. Fries on the side. Obviously. 





We were in a lazy mood so hailed a taxi to the museums and soaked up the sunny London afternoon. 

Now I think I'm quite an excitable person (this has definitely been heightened by working with 11 year olds) and I was certainly like a small child wandering in between the dinosaurs. We came to see dinosaurs and boy did we see them. I haven't been here since I was about 10 and it was almost more exciting (no, definitely more exciting). I loved it. Like a child in a sweet shop. 











We took plenty of dinosaur selfies, because, why not. 


I then wanted to see the animals in the jars. They really are totally disgusting but I was fascinated nonetheless. 





We found the sperm whale. They're big boys aren't they! 



I had a growling match with a chap who looked a bit like a bison. Gggrrrrrrrrrr.


Mel had to dash off somewhere so I was left to explore the V&A next door. 


I had a look at the Jameal Prize exhibition- this was super cool and I recommend you go and have a look before it goes in April. Sadly I couldn't take any photographs, but that just gives you another reason to go. It's free too. Bonus. 


You really could spend hours at this place. I always stumble across a new section every time I go here. I mean, I could spend the entire time in the gift shop, but what girl couldn't?! But this time, I made the most of the good weather and stepped out into the courtyard garden and checked out the crazy installation done by a Chinese artist. I forget his name but it was great and somewhat amusing. 



The installation is of a utopian land, surrounding a lake that bubbles and smokes. There are little house with animated stories, fish and sounds. I loved it. I particularly liked the animations. They were naughty and amusing. 




I'm not sure you can see this, but they're having a bit of sexy time basically.. 


I suggest every one of you make the most of your capital (those of you from foreign lands, come and play!) and head down to London for a day in the sun. It really is the best place. 

Happy Friday (and Valentines Day for you soppy guys).