Monday, 16 March 2015

a word of warning

There I was, enjoying my Peter Mayle book, slurping away on a latte with the American by my side, tapping away on his computer- a daze of Saturday afternoon bliss. Having decided our evening plans, we gathered our belongings to head home. This is the moment we were both quickly snapped out of our reverie. My bag had been stolen.  

It's an easy thing to happen and a total pain in the backside. Call the police, cancel cards, re-order driving license, get a new oyster, replace house keys and student rail card... Not to mention the loss of a beautiful new handbag, sunglasses, umbrella and that last stick of gum.

So, my advice to you: don't be as naive as me and leave your bag hanging on your chair, even if you are resting against it- you don't know who might be lurking in the shadows.. even in leafy West Hampstead. Keep it in your sight and boys- don't leave your wallets on display in a coat pocket either. 

It really puts a dampener on your weekend, trust me. 



  1. What a rubbish weekend! So sorry to hear this Lizzie! xxx

  2. I know! Very bad luck, but all is being sorted now so hopefully i'll feel like my life is back in order again! xx