Friday, 15 July 2016

eine wochenende in berlin

A few weekends ago Laura and I hopped over to Berlin to visit two of our gal pals, Jess and Liz. We all used to work with each other so we thought a little trip to see how our girls were doing in Deutschland was in order. I’ve been to Berlin before but with school so was looking forward to experiencing sans teachers. Our long weekend consisted of brunch, drinks and plenty of laughs; we also found our sense of humour descended to that of a 12 year old boy again. Boobs have never been discussed so greatly before.

So natural ^^

For those of you planning on visiting the city expect an incredibly relaxed vibe, late nights and a lot of concrete. I’m not entirely sure the city is for me but catching up with our Joss Ladiez cancelled out any lost love for the city’s aesthetics. I also found the whole of Berlin has gone vegan/veggie in the last seven years which was a little disappointing for a meat lover like me (I was actually looking forward to the wurst!) but regardless, we found ourselves sampling some excellent eggs, avos and all the cocks(tails) the city could offer.

We stayed in Kreuzberg in Jess’ unbelievably Instagrammable apartment and mainly played that side of town.

Our brunch stops were Roamers and Kaffee Bar, both making the most of Berlin’s horizontal vibe and offering delish brunch plates.

Friday night was spent at Chutnify, a fab Southern Indian street food restaurant and Dschungel Bar, an incredible bar that saw us drink copious Aperols and gin basil smashes until the early hours.

We also managed to meet up with another American pal of mine. Safe to say we were outrageous in front of him. Sorry Paul! 

For a country gal like me, the opportunity to escape the concrete city and visit the lakes on the outskirts was too much of a temptation. In the blazing Sunday heat we hopped the surprisingly short distance to Lange See, just south of the city. In between eating crisps and poppin’ bottles we cooled off in the water, floated on lilos and made friends with dogs.


Dinner on our last night was pizza from a firm favourite, Il Casolare, eaten on the Admiralbr├╝cke with cool beers in hand.

Regardless of my reservations of the city, many a laugh was had and much food and drink was consumed so a rather excellent weekend, I’d say!



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