Thursday, 30 April 2015

citrus fresh tabbouleh

I think it's safe to say we have left behind winter and perhaps even spring. The mornings are lighter and brighter, the evenings are longer and balmy and I am buying linen dresses and beach bags like they're going out of fashion. 


A few early birthday purchases to bring a spot of vibrancy to my everyday look. 

And so with the warmth comes a new eating regime. Bye-bye winter soups and pies, hello summer salads and mezzes. If you follow me on Instagram  you will have noticed I have been raving about Comptoir Libanais a LOT recently. I know, I know, it's hardly a hush-hush secret, but by god it's delicious. So here is a little recipe inspired by my visit with mum a few weeks ago. 

You will need: 

1 Romaine lettuce
A good handful of coriander
2 spring onions
1/8 cucumber
1/2 cup of couscous 
1/2 squeezed lemon & zest
Pinch salt & pepper
Glug of olive oil

Make your couscous in a bowl with a plate over the top- I won't even tell you how to make this as it's so basic, a baby could make it. Remember to season it with a little salt. 

Make the dressing by mixing a glug of olive oil, squeeze of half a lemon, a little zest and salt and pepper. 


Finely chop your lettuce, coriander, onion and cucumber and mix together in the bowl of dressing. Add your perfectly fluffy couscous and give it a good stir.





And that's it! It's so simple, yet delicious. Fresh, light and zingy- eat it on it's own or as a side. I like to make a large batch at the beginning of the week and take it to work for lunch. Try crumbling some salty feta into it for a tasty lunch option, or grilling succulent chicken for a light evening meal. 


The options are endless and it really does pack a punch. What are you eating now the season has turned?

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday! 


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