Friday, 10 April 2015

roaming richmond

You may have noticed my absence from the blogosphere. It seems my brain has been frazzled by words- copywriting all day everyday is rather taking its toll. By the time I get home I frequently forget how to a sentence write. But now it is the weekend and I have lots to share with you! 

Easter has been and gone (how did that even happen?) and I am stuffed to the gills with Lindt Bunny, cake and all kinds of naughty things. But with all the indulgence also comes a blissful four-day weekend. It really is what dreams are made of, having traipsed through the bleak winter. 

Richmond Park was the order of the day- a little rural retreat to escape to after a busy winter in the city. 



Hello deer! My new best friends ^^^



I love being able to find green so close to London. My farmer roots get a little frustrated when the hard Tarmac of the city takes over. I need to don my wellies, splash in puddles and climb a tree or two. Thankfully Richmond is the perfect stomping ground. 





Nice pink umbrella! 

After our fun-filled walk we were in need of a beverage or two. We wound our way to a little pub by the river. 






I had to stop here for a good amount of time whilst the American had a little perv over the Morgan. I rather liked the Mini- never forget the little guy! 


Perhaps the most idyllic row of houses. We both decided we fancied living here. My property list is getting out of hand! 



A proper roaring fire to warm our toes and noses. 


No frills, no fuss- a charming little pub just down from the high street. 

We will be back.


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