Monday, 11 May 2015

the bluebell wood

This weekend I headed back home for a mini birthday celebration. We had a tea party, Colin the Caterpillar cake and dinner out- my favourite way to celebrate an early birthday.

Today, mum and I took the dogs for a walk across the farm and went to the wood to sea the bluebells. They always flower around my birthday- I've had parties in the wood and spent hours walking through the sea of blue. They may be a wild species but here, they grow in abundance. 





There has always been an old shepherd's hut here- once used for its original reason, once for storing bird feed and now it's empty, standing like a relic from the past. Mum rather fancies cleaning it up, giving it a lick of paint and having it in the garden as a shed. I think it should be made into a hideaway for reading and enjoying cool summer cordials. I'm not sure what the farmer would think about this though... 



Bella would just sleep in it, I'm sure. 


For my 9th birthday I had a treasure hunt across the farm. Mum and dad hid little gifts in the fields, the wood and under the trees. They wrote riddles to crack and lead us to the prizes- I think tennis balls were hidden here. Anyway, the afternoon started gloriously, with the sun beating down. We were driven out on the back of a tractor and trailer, all excited, but suddenly the heavens opened and my parents found themselves stuck in the middle of the farm with 20+ nine years olds running around in the pouring rain. The tractor got stuck in the mud and we had to be rescued and taken home to dry off and finish the party indoors. Dad quickly thought on his feet and we had one massive game of charades. It was one of the best birthdays ever and even now, friends talk about it. My parents will certainly never forget it! 

It's funny how places like this evoke so any memories. I shall always come back to the woods around my birthday to see this beautiful sight- and chuckle about that eventful party.

I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend, whether you've celebrated VE Day, run half marathons or simply relaxed with the dogs.


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