Thursday, 2 July 2015

fego & roses

My man has been away in America for the last two weeks so having picked him up from his flight and had a quick nap, we decided to go for a refreshing walk and a spot of (very) late brunch. 

I have written about Fego Caffe before as Sarah, Mel and I used to go last year on Saturday mornings in Marlow. Luckily, there is one on St. John's High Street too so we stopped off here for a rejuvenating feed. He went for huevo rancheros and I stuck with an old faithful, eggs benny. 




Having had our fill we wandered to Regent's Park, watched the Sunday cricket matches, football practices and children's birthday parties under the blazing sun and blue sky. From there we wound our way to Queen Mary's Garden which is overflowing with roses. 




Apparently, there are over 12,000 roses growing in this garden from 85 varieties. The sight really is something to behold. 



Honestly, I was a kid in a sweet shop (please excuse my very badly draped cardigan, it felt a lot chicer whilst walking around). 



There's also a little rockery with a pond in the middle. You can walk in between the plants and over footbridges to get to it- a bit like walking amongst fairies and their homes. 

My little fairy went for an explore of his own.



The piece de resistance though, is the central garden. Circular in design, the garden is framed by a pergola which is literally dripping with roses. 



It is beautiful! If only I had a garden with this. 


I thoroughly recommend heading to Regent's Park before they go over, though hopefully they will have a second burst of life after they've been dead-headed. I suggest going before mid-July to see the best of the blooms. 

I'm off to Henley this weekend for a spot of picnicking, dressing up and spectating the rowing, naturally. 

I hope you're all enjoying this glorious weather! Let's hope it stays.


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