Monday, 15 September 2014


Having woken up with a head cold and a touch of man flu, the thought of going to evensong at Westminster Abbey was somewhat appealing- perhaps it would cleanse our souls and clear the sniffly boy of cold? Whatever it was, I'm so pleased we went. Having attended a cathedral school for my entire education, I am quite akin to candle lit services, spine tingling choirs and that ethereal quality only cathedrals can offer. 

Both of us have never been to evensong at the abbey so it was all a little exciting. I didn't take any photographs as it isn't allowed, so you'll just have to go and see the awe inspiring beauty for yourself. I couldn't stop gasping as we walked over prime ministers, heroic figures and the unknown solider; a hall of fame of considerable significance. Seated, we sat in silence and took in the architecture and carvings. Then from afar the choir started singing. I'm not sure I hid my grin very well. It reminded me of school and home and they were just wonderful. 

Feeling better about ourselves we took a wander and soaked up the late Sunday sun. 





Clearly one of the MPs needed to drop into work quickly... In his Aston Martin. Lovely. 




Britain really is rather great, isn't it? 


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