Thursday, 25 September 2014


Art and antiques. Two things I am very fond of- perhaps that's an obvious one but I'd just like to reinforce this fact with a mid week blog post. My housemate Ollie works in Mayfair and asked me to joined him at The LAPADA Art and Antiques Fair at Berkeley Square and I was more than happy to jump at the opportunity. 


Having had my bag thoroughly searched and picked up our copies of Harpers Bazaar we started exploring this maze of stands, each one making us 'ooo' and 'ahhhh' louder than before. 


Ollie particularly liked the above. I'd imagine if you had a serious bachelor pad the pieces of furniture would fit right in. From an ejector seat to a coffee table made out of a car engine, this was a serious boys' corner. 



We decided our flat needs a coffee table for all those coffee table books I keep buying for no reason. And whilst the other two housemates are away, we perused... Perhaps a little out of our budget, but lovely nonetheless. 





What's really lovely is that because the marquee is on the square, the event still encompasses the huge trees. So whilst you meander the lanes you'll come across a tree or two. One dealer saw an opportunity here and displayed his series of woodland prints up the trunk. This was my favourite little fella. 



From old to contemporary, the fair is bursting with accessible art and antiques. It is the most incredible place for people watching too. Hang around the jewellery stands in particular- you may just watch someone buy a huge diamond ring. 


This was my favourite piece. Stand in front of it and you see a beautiful oil scene of a lady sitting naked under a tree. Walk to you right and she is gone, walk back towards your left and she is now dressed as above. Do you remember those hologram bookmarks you had as a child, that moved every time you angled it? Well this is essentially a large version of that. It's beautiful and somewhat poignant. 




The fair is open til Saturday, I really do recommend you pop in and have a look round. If you're not interested in art and antiques, go for the people watching and Mr. Fogg Bar for a refreshing G&T. There's something for everyone.

A perfect evening in Mayfair. 

Happy Friday! 


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  1. This looks fantastic, Lizzie! Love the little mouse in the tree!