Sunday, 19 October 2014

homemade beef pie

Waking up feeling surprisingly fresh after Lauren's birthday night out, we headed down to the Green for pumpkin spice lattes and an energising walk. We stumbled across Parsons Green's excellent farmers' market and stopped for a peruse. Cue photographs of carrots and potatoes. 




The main reason for our early morning expedition (aside from clearing fuzzy heads) was to head to Parson's Nose to pick up some delicious meat to make a pie. This is a serious butchers with a serious selection of meats; from game to pork to beef. Droooool. 




We picked up 400g of rump steak, diced and ready to throw under a blanket of short crust pastry. 

To make your beef pie for two (ok so we were quite piggy and this could have been for three, stretching four. Maybe) you will need: 

400g rump steak beef, cubed
4 shallots, diced 
A generous glug of claret
Beef stock pot 
2 bay leaves
Jus Roll short crust pastry

Brown off your beef before adding the diced shallots. 


Add a little flour, a generous glug of claret, bay leaves and seasoning to flavour. Use a Knorr rich beef stock pot and leave to simmer for 20 minutes. 

Behave and resist tasting! 



In the mean time sort out your pastry top; puff or short, whatever your preference. We went for short crust and a very elaborate stag design. I have never seen such precision go into a pastry design... He excelled himself. 



I added a few leaves and berries before giving it a wash of butter - I would have used a yolk but all eggs were eaten for breakfast; both work just as well.

Once you've created your masterpiece pop him in the oven at 180 for 30 minutes, or until glistening and golden brown. 



Plate it up or simply grab a fork and dive in. Serve with potatoes and peas and with a side of whole grain mustard - simplicity at its best. 

The dish has never looked so clean before!


Hope your weekend has been as excellent as mine. And Lauren - a very happy birthday! 


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