Monday, 21 October 2013

winter warmer

Hurrah! I have survived a whole half term of work. As soon as I could I scrambled back home to the comfort of the Worcestershire countryside and my own bed. This weekend has predominantly been spent asleep and it has been lovely. However now it is Monday I feel I should be doing something productive. So I've made a warming soup to feed Dad with after working out in the pouring rain we've had this morning.

It is safe to say we are experiencing a tropical down pour right now. Dogs still need walking in this weather though so Callie and I donned our best wellies and coats and went for a very muddy wander. 




Listening to London Grammar we had a good explore.



Secret hideaway.


Ooops... Don't tell the farmer (sorry, Dad)


Back safe and dry I cracked on with the soup. I love butternut squash. It's filling, beautifully coloured and so very seasonal right now. Eat as much as you can get your sticky little mits on. Soups, curries, risottos and dahls...all dreamy.  

I picked soup this time though. Firstly, split your squash in two. Season well with salt and pepper and a good pinch of cumin. Add a generous glug of olive oil too. Whack in the oven at 180 for about half an hour, or until its soft to touch with a knife and easy to peel away from its skin. 


Whilst the squash is roasting away, chop a large onion, crush a garlic clove and simmer in a large pan. I also like to add a cooking apple- it seems to take away the overly salty taste from the stock and adds a nice autumnal dimension to the soup. 


Get some good quality stock and add the smallest amount to the softened apple and onion mix. Safe the rest for the main course. 

Take out your gleaming squashes.


They will smell a m a z ing when they come out the oven.

Next you need to take off the skin. This should be easy peasy if the squash is cooked properly. You should be able to slide a knife under the skin and just peel away. Chop your butternut into chunks, pop in the pan and get a hand blender. 


Take cover! Splash back always throws up issues...

I like to add a good pinch of Cayenne Pepper. Gives the soup a bit of VaVaVoom and will warm even the coldest of hearts up. 


Add the stock and whack the heat up until smooth and velvety.


Deeeelicious! (And very nutricious) Hurrah!  


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