Friday, 15 November 2013


Ludovico Einaudi is quite possibly a genius sent from heaven. His music is incredibly serene and listenable and I just love him. I have been lucky enough to see him perform before- last time it was at Trafalgar Square in a pre Olympic concert celebration and it was quite spectacular. The sun was setting and it was all terribly romantic. If you were with someone. Which I wasn't. 

Anyway he was in Oxford and I was off to see him with Hannah. Unfortunately we weren't really allowed to take photographs during the performance but I was a little sneaky and took just a few.

Before the concert we went out for a quick Italian supper. 


Here are the few photos I managed to sneak during the performance.




The concert was incredible and I recommend any of you to see him if at all possible. Even if you're not into classical music, this is something on a whole other level. Also he looks a bit like a sloth when he plays, presumably because he's so engrossed with his work. What a cutie. 

Afterwards we went to the Duke of Cambridge bar for a few cocktails and a catch up. The bar's in Jerricho so it was pretty cool and just a little bit edgy. I recommend you all explore this area of Oxford, it's full of hidden gems. From independent shops to handmade specialist bread shops. 




And it looks super cute at night with all the twinkling lights. 


So this rounds off my whistle stop tour of Oxford for another few weeks. I'm now in Bristol in the most incredible penthouse with breath taking views across the city and beyond. This is turning out to be quite a lovely start to my brief exeat break. 


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