Wednesday, 18 December 2013

bristol. 1.2

I found myself in Bristol again this week and it is ever becoming my favourite place to visit, for more reasons than one. Having travelled home for a few days of home comforts I joined up with Mel and Sarah for some excess eating, a cheeky drink or two (or three or four..) and a good film sesh before heading home for the Christmas madness. 

Having spent almost the same time trying to get into the overwhelmingly enormous Cabot Circus as we had done on the motorway from home, Mel and I made a quick dash to the shops to buy some suitably sophisticated clothes for our night out with cocktails before descending on Sarah.

Sarah lives in a seriously cool penthouse, which has a hot tub on the roof. Yup, the roof... Having unpacked our things and turned our room into an exploded wardrobe we hopped onto the roof for a quick dip. Champagne was obligatory here. 


                     .... Mad moment before hopping in! 


                  Sorry just had to, Sarah! Cheesy cheesy! 

Clifton had kindly put on a light show for us (so thoughtful) but as soon as our fingers turned to prunes we decided it was probably time to make the dash back down stairs. Brrrrrrr! 

Having filled ourselves with cheese and all manners of carbs we got dressed up for a night at a bar called Hyde & Co. This is one of those exciting places which is so inconspicuous we could hardly find it. Tucked up a side street we spotted the sign and gave the door a knock. 



                           Knock knock!

Apparently they look through the peep hole and if they like the look of you (weird, I know) they'll let you in! Thankfully we must have shopped well as we were greeted by a charming man who took us to our table. 


I never do selfies (hardly ever, I promise..) but this is one of the only photos of me on this night! Humble apologies. 

                   This place is seriously cool. 



So difficult to choose what to drink though...hmmmm decisions decisions!!



                         Hello lovely ladies!




Very cool interior- my secret interior designer in me was having a field day. Got a bit snap happy...


                        And seriously yummy drinks! 


After leaving Hyde & Co, our night took a somewhat grimy nosedive. We ended up in some questionable 'club' being ogled at by an office christmas party. I think it was time we headed home for bed, ready for our next day, full of adventures. 


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