Sunday, 22 June 2014


I am not a football fan. In fact, I had to ask my Dad who the captain of the England team was the other day. Apparently it's Gerrard... I wised up.

Thursday, England played Urugauy in The World Cup. I wouldn't normally have watched it but for some reason a wave of football pride came over me. I listened to old skool football choons in the car with Mel and decided to head to Clayton's in Marlow and join the crowds of Lycra donning supporters (sorry to disappoint, but neither me nor Mel wore Lycra).

Tonight was boyz night. We ate meat and watched sport. Grrrrrr. 



And drank cocktails. Not so laddish. 





What an awfully serious face.. ^^ 

Clearly have blogging on my mind! 

Back to the football. Hmmm if you want a post match report I suggest you pay the bbc website a visit. I'm certainly not going to become the next football pundit of 2014. There were exciting parts but mostly it seemed like England weren't very good. And Suarez is, not only a horrible man, but he is also, not so attractive. I think this gives multiple points to England. Hurrah! 




Some arm raising. I raised my arm here too. Like a pro. 




These chappies on the front row went nuts. They threw themselves on the floor, squealed a lot and then remembered they were in public so brushed themselves down and became men again. Grrrrr. 

Needless to say, as you all know, we lost. Disaster! 

I think I'll go back to rugby.



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