Wednesday, 7 October 2015

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Firstly, an apology. It seems like forever since my last post (it really has been forever) and I had every intention of writing one as soon as I got back from America but with the combination of jet-lag, new job and a lack of internet in the flat still, this proved difficult. But here we are! And I'm back with plenty of pictures and stories to share.  

I could tell you all about my trip State side but I'm sure it won't be of huge interest to you so I have chosen a few places that I want to share. The first is Fairport in Rochester, NY. This was my home for 4 days when I first arrived. Though essentially a boys hangout (I was the only girl amongst what felt like a whole rowing squad of men), I had the best time. The weather was blazing and we spent most of our time exploring the canal, drinking beer and enjoying cook-outs (a BBQ to you and me). 

Here are a few snaps of this picture-perfect town:

Now, there was one very main reason why The American and I hopped over to Rochester and that was the wedding. It.was.beautiful. With the heat cooling off and my man armed with his words for the ceremony, the wedding went without a glitch. It was very American and I loved every minute of it. 

Finally, whilst in Rochester I was given a whistle-stop tour of where the boyf studied his undergraduate degree. UoR is like every university I have seen on American films. It had a quad with beautiful scenery, redbrick buildings and even a road called Fraternity Road. Yes. That's really a thing. 

Upstate New York was the best introduction to America; it's vast and beautiful and full of food. I can't wait to go back again. 

I promise to be more regular with posts from now on - the last month or so has been manic to say the least.


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