Tuesday, 21 January 2014

travel bug


It's cold and bleak and I feel I have not a lot to look forward to. There is only so much hunkering down under blankets, slurping on soup and cuddling of loved ones that you can do during this month (I've literally done none of this, except eat and whine). I'm craving some heat and my body is crying out for some vitamin D, so I have decided to compile a list of 5 places I want to visit this year. 

Number 1. Take me somewhere hot! Marrakech. 


I have been a little obsessed with visiting this city for a while now. Almost every year I beg a group of friends to come with me but it's never happened. This year will be different. In fact, as I'm writing this, Mel is searching for deals. Hurrah! 




The architecture is amazing, food incredible and let's face it, it's quite a cool place to hop over to on a long weekend with the girls. I also really want to visit the Yves Saint Laurent garden. It's this incredible garden attached to Laurent's summer house. I remember studying the garden and the bright blue arches for my art gcse and being completely amazed by it. 

Number 2. Stockholm. 


My beautiful friend from university, Ana, is living in Stockholm this year and I have promised her that I will be visiting before she leaves. When she first got there I received a flurry of snapchats of all the cool streets, food markets and buildings she was surrounded by. By the sound of it too, she's also met some really lovely people so I can't help but feel Stockholm would be super welcoming one weekend. I need to simply bite the bullet and book my flights, wrap up warm and experience a Scandinavian weekend. 



Number 3. Edinburgh. 


I have never been to Scotland. And that is quite shocking I think. I live in Britain and I can safely say I've only been to England and Wales and the furthest north I've ever been is Durham. And that probably isn't something to be proud of. The closest i've been to this city is through reading 'One Day'. I have a Scottish surname, Scottish blood and if pushed can produce a semi excellent Scottish accent (it's appalling actually...) so I really have no excuse as to why I've never visited this highly regarded city. 



Friends have 'done' the Fringe (how edgy of them), others have found love there. I have done neither. 

I want to see the much talked about 'Arthur's Seat', visit the old town and sample some of its many many independent cafes and delis. Maybe I'll even check out the newly reinvented Leith Shore? 


Number 4. Croatia.


Much like Marrakech, I've banged on about Croatia for seemingly years now. Yacht Week is, in my eyes, one of the coolest and most exciting things to do whilst you're young. Basically you and a group of friends have a yacht and skipper for a week and travel down, or up, the coast of Croatia, sailing from one party bay to another. In fact, Yacht Week isn't just in Croatia, it's also in the British Virgin Isles and Greece. Good luck making that tough choice. www.theyachtweek.com



The seas are complelety translucent, bays clean and idyllic and the whole coastline is steeped in history. Plus you're on a boat. Did I mention that?! 

And finally, number 5.

Brazil. Because, well why not?! 


All of these (un)planned adventures require playmates. I don't take much looking after, am short enough to probably fit in your suitcase and am very sensible when it comes to sun cream application. There, the perfect travelling buddy! 

See you at the airport lounge.



  1. Yes to all of those Lizzie, though Brazil I could live without, although maybe that's where I'll find my dream handbag. Save Croatia till we sail there and you can have free accommodation! Love Hattie

  2. I reckon your handbag can be found in South America! Would love to take you up on the accomm offer! L x