Saturday, 11 January 2014

granola goodness

Like many people, the beginning of the new year marks the beginning of a new fitness and health freak regime. I am certainly one of those who, amongst making the new year resolutions of falling in love and learning better Italian, vows to get fitter and healthier during the month of January. I am almost certainly a cliche. 


Thus, to kick start this healthy period, here is a delicious and highly nutricious (possibly..depending on your steady hand) recipe for a granola flapjack, packed full of cranberries, almonds, apricots and a good measure of pure dark chocolate. 

These are so easy to make and you can pretty much put any assortment of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, whatever into it. The crunchier and naturally sweeter the better. Great to have with a coffee as a sweet treat. Or, in my case, a herbal tea... I'm currently trying to cut my coffee intake down to just one small one a day. Not just to kick the caffeine habit but also to keep my gnashers shiny and white. 

If you feel good, you look good. Simple. 

I don't tend to work with exact measurements and this is definitely the case with the flapjacks. In a pan I poured almost a whole jar of clear honey with a smattering of soft brown sugar. Heat until the sugar has dissolved and you're left with a rich dark syrup. Whilst this is happening chop up your fruit and nuts. I also added hazelnuts and some pumpkin seeds for added crunch and texture.



Next add your oats. Now there are a lot of oats to choose from. Big, flat ones, gluten free ones, rolled ones (have no idea what these are...) I just added oats oats and hoped for the best. Give the oatiness a good mix until glistening with honey. Now add your fruit and nut mix. Stir again and pour into a baking tray.

Pop in the over for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. I hate nothing more than hard flapjack, so taking them out now will allow for the mixture to stay soft and gooey. 

Finally, melt some good quality (the highest percentage you can muster) chocolate and drizzle across the cooled flapjacks. 




Et voilĂ ! Semi healthy, full of fibre and just a little bit naughty (ish) granola bites, which will almost definitely keep you going until lunch or supper. A superfood if you will. 




Enjoy responsibly and good luck with all your fitness regimes. 

I am yet to start the squat challenge...


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