Monday, 30 September 2013

crunchy chunky apple cake

I unearthed an old recipe for an apple cake the other day and decided to make it today to leave for the hungry work force to nibble on throughout this week. When I was at university I frequently made cakes for my house. I memorably made an apple cake late one night when some of my housemates had gone to a house party. I left it to cool over night and when I came down I the morning I soon found that in their drunken and hungry state they decided to eat the majority of it. What made it more funny though was the fact they try to cover this up by cutting slices of panettone and sticking it to the sides of the cake, thinking I wouldn't notice! Clearly apple cake is the munchy of choice for my drunkie monkey housemates! So this post is for you, Aisling and Isabella. Enjoy.

We are lucky and have a little orchard at the bottom of our garden. Nothing beats picking the apples in the morning and cooking them up in the afternoon. Crumbles, pies, sauces, juices, ciders- the possibilities are endless. I settled on a good hearty cake though. Here are the wee beauties. 




Here are the ingredients.


And here are the instructions.



       I couldn't help myself, sorry. Just a little bit naughty. 


                     Tadaaaaa! Couldn't be any easier. 



Oh and if any of you were wondering, the jelly is in jars now. It's looking a liiiittle too sloppy but I'm hoping when it cools down it will be nice and sticky and spreadable..!

Beware: if you're making this yourself, the boiling part is quite terrifying!     


Back to school later... I'm almost as reluctant to go back as the girls.


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