Tuesday, 13 May 2014

birthday baby

Yesterday I turned 22 and I think I spent the entire day singing Taylor Swift. Eurghhh I've turned into that 22 year old girl. Apologies. Having a birthday whilst working in a boarding school is an odd experience but lovely nonetheless. I was showered with cards, balloons and outbursts of singing. 

In between dodging torrential rain (I have NEVER celebrated a birthday without rain, ever) Sarah and I soaked up the fleeting sun and visited Marlow. We go here all the time but today it was looking particularly beautiful. Maybe it knew it was my birthday? 


We decided to take tea and cake at The Compleat Angler, a deliciously wonderful hotel on the otherwise of the bridge. It really couldn't have looked anymore picturesque. 




What a beauty!





Having gossiped and giggled about all sorts, we decided to take a stroll over the bridge and into town. 

But first, let me take a selfie...




"Hello hello? Did someone say it was a birthday?!"



She's kept fairly well too...



Having picked up candles and cards we strolled back to work. And look who we stumbled across...


Très chic! Woof woof! 

On my return to school I was told I had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me to pick up. Did I have a secret admirer?! All the girls got far too excited and were planning my future wedding to this mysterious man. Apparently I'm going to have sixty plus flower girls... 


Sadly no secret admirer, just super sweet parents sending birthday love from afar. I love them, thank you! (If however, a man would like to send me flowers, I am very welcome to receiving them). 

A perfect day to start the 22 celebrations. 


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