Monday, 7 April 2014

lizzie christina barcelona

Hola mi amigos! I'm back and bursting to the seams with stories to tell and food pictures for you all to drool over. Barcelona was a doll and, now, is up there as one of my favourite places to escape to for a few days. Christina and I decided very, very last minute that a holiday to Barca was in order, so hopped on a plane on Monday to a city we have been wanting to visit for a while. It is the perfect mix: beach, winding streets, culture, history, food and nightlife. Just what the doctor prescribed. 

Having experienced the wettest English winter in a million years, we decided the beach would be our first port of call. We donned bikinis and slipped on our shorts and headed down La Rambla to soak up the morning rays. 




Yes, it could have been warmer but we enjoyed it for as long as we could until our goosebumps proved too much for us to handle. 



Christina makes a wonderful mermaid. A career yet I think... 



Cheeky cheeky! 




From the beach we had a little explore and ended up stumbling across the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella. This was soon to become one of our favourite places. In the sun it shone and was ram packed with children running around and lovers perched on benches, sharing stolen moments. Oh, and us! 


The Catalan government buildings are here too and they are quite something. 









The fountain is huge. I should probably be aware of why it's here and who built it etc. but I'm ignorant and don't. Either way, it's stunning and very, very impressive. 



Now Christina was aware, before she embarked on this little trip, that I was a foodie. Good job she was too because we were about to explore foodie heaven, and I wasn't wanting to leave for a while yet. La Boqueria is just off La Rambla and it is full to bursting with meat, seafood, cheese, fruit, nuts, everything. Queue foodie photos:












Safe to say day one of our Barca adventure was living up to expectation! 

Expect a flurry of posts about this little Spanish gem in the next few days!


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