Friday, 7 March 2014

love you long haim

So to make up for the lack of posts recently, I'm about to embark on a blogathon. This weekend is another exeat and yet again I'll be heading down to London to spend it with my nearest and dearest. But, before that happens, I must tell you about last night. 

Having had a quick catch up over dinner with the delectable Natalia on South Bank, I headed to Brixton to meet Mel and her sister Jemma and friend Georgia to see HAIM at the O2 Academy. 


These girls are serious 'All Americans Gals'. I loved them. There was a lot of hair, a lot of bouncing around and a lot of banging of drums and strumming of guitars. HAIM certainly give the impression of having a lot of fun doing something they completely love. 



And they're pretty good at it too. Yep, pretty darn good. 


We bopped the night away, chatted to some lovely people and even managed to look sufficiently giggy enough with our plastic cups in hand. Ahhh yeahhhhh. 



It started to rain, with what can only be described as loo paper. That was pretty exciting. They even told a story about autocorrect and anal. Who says a thursday night is boring, hey! A lot more banging, of the head and drum kind, ensued and then a big explosion of lights....




And that was it. A pretty great start to the long weekend I feel. Had Mel and I not had a spontaneous night out the day before, we probably would have followed the crowds to a bar to carry on dancing the night away. However, we had to get the last train back so scuttled back across the city before we turned into pumpkins or something. 

I can't wait for tomorrow; it's Callum's birthday and all of the uni lot are gathering and heading to Book Club in Hoxton to dance on a few tables and behave like overly excitable teenagers. Keep your eyes peeled for blog posts about this place and all the other exciting things I have planned for this weekend. 

Here's hoping the sun holds out. 


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